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What is The

New Technology at Duds?

Exclusively available at Duds n' Suds of Reno!

OMNI Solutions' patented LUX™ System.

It has been tested against and proven to kill SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19!

The resulting study also adds C.diff and MRSA to the growing OMNI LUX™ Kill Claim.
The OMNI LUX™ Laundry System is based on a revolutionary, patented process that utilizes safe UV light to generate earth’s strongest natural oxidizer, providing next-level cleaning & disinfection while significantly lowering ongoing utility costs!


You can try it out yourself at Duds n' Suds today! 

It IS...


LUX Hydroxyl System

  • OMNI Solutions, our in store system found linked here, has developed a new enhancement to natural water! The new additions to our marked machines will help with cleaning and disinfection. Using a safe UV light generator turns normal room air into earth’s strongest natural Oxidizer called Hydroxyl radicals.

why Use it?

Here's some reasons why...

  • It is 500 times more powerful than hot water and bleach so it helps keep bright whites, white and helps remove stains.

  • The Hydroxyls being more stable at lower temperatures means it reduces the need for hot water almost entirely.

  • It can help you save money too! It significantly reduces drying times; the need for alkaline-based chemicals is lowered, this reduces the buildup of calcium in linen fibers meaning it releases water faster in the washers water extraction phase, and in the dryer as well.

  • It also helps keep linens softer than traditional chemistry and extend their life by 20%. Without all the calcium fibers in the linens as mentioned before, they are less stiff so textiles stay softer and more comfortable.

  • And it's FDA approved as a sanitizer and USDA certified as organic.

  • It also reduces your laundry’s carbon footprint; the LUX Hydroxyl System and OMNI Solutions’ technicians reprogram the wash cycles to reduce the complexity of washing formulas in the machine, lowering water and chemical consumption.

How does it work?


  • Hydroxyls, Ozone, and Peroxide are effective oxidizing agents produced inside a sealed stainless steel generating chamber that is attached to the washer. As air is drawn through the chamber, molecules of oxygen recombine to create the Hydroxyls (OH), Ozone (O3), and Peroxide (H2O2) needed. The advanced chemistry oxidizes contaminants very quickly and leaves no harmful byproducts.

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